Daniel Baldwin


Working with Daniel Baldwin was a stunning experience for my students as they prepared to premier the Midwest River Fantasy, and as they took it on the road to the 2005 International Double Reed Society convention in Austin,TX. He wrote a work that they were able to perform time and time again, and it provided many levels for them to explore. It was a challenge for them, and ultimately so gratifying--especially when they got to hear all the praise in the bassoon community for this new and unique work! Bravo, Daniel!
Nicolasa Kuster
Assistant Professor, Wichita State University School of Music
Principal Bassoon, Wichita Symphony Orchestra
Bassoonist, Lieurance Woodwind Quintet

... (I) was absolutely delighted to hear how wonderful and imaginative the Fantasy is. I can't begin to imagine how I would ever have approached the challenge of writing for contrabassoon and bassoon choir but I was all admiration for your success in doing so. You have written so skillfully for the soloist and the ensemble, balancing them against each other, allowing the separate melodic lines to come through. Your melodic ideas are wonderful and the connections among them from one movement to the next show great skill at developing your material. I am very much looking forward to hearing it live in Houston. It is no wonder that the piece has already been performed several times.
John G. Bilotta, composer

...Beautiful music, Dan—I can see why you are so passionate about composing—you write music really from the heart. You enjoy resonance and line—and I can also see why players enjoy performing your music. The bassoon players are always looking for music—and your choir music for them is a lovely addition to their repertoire. The vocal music was also effective—allowing the singer to be really expressive—she sounded just beautiful. The mixed ensemble music with the percussion, strings and bassoon has a great color—I really like that combination and the way you allowed the colors to blend—sometimes being soloists, sometimes joining together. Congratulations, Daniel!...Take care for now,--and........keep on writing!!!
Eric Ewazen, composer
Faculty member of The Juilliard School

I received the Midwest River Fantasy a week ago. I listened to it many times and it has filled my apartment with glorious resonance. It is a really beautiful piece, lush and wide open, very artfully crafted. My compliments to you!
Terry Winter Owens, composer

Daniel Baldwin's Midwest River Fantasy, for contrabassoon solo accompanied by bassoon ensemble, is tastefully and masterfully written, effectively exploiting the expressive qualities of the instrument, and operating in an idiomatic and characteristic medium.
Susan L. Nigro, contrabassoonist

Daniel Baldwin composes wonderful works for just about all of the instruments. His melodic approach to composing is appreciated by performers and listeners alike. I had the wonderful opportunity to examine a few of his works, especially the Appalachian Suite for Horn and Piano. I found this work especially enjoyable to listen to and to play through on horn. I champion Daniel's works as a performer.
Mike Keegan
Eastwinds Chamber Ensemble, Milwaukee, WI

My introduction to Daniel and his work was during the preparation of the premiere of his Lone Star Trilogy for contrabassoon, horn, violin and marimba. I was immediately impressed by his sense of color, and by his warm, kind character which imbues his writing. It was a natural step for me to commission a work for horn and piano from him. I was rewarded with an expansive work that emphasizes the warm, lyrical side of the horn through beautifully spun lush melodies. I am enjoying performing this work immensely and the public is very enthusiastic about it.
Jeffrey Powers
Principal Horn, Waco Symphony
Associate Professor of Horn
Baylor University, School of Music